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San Diego Culturecast

Culturecast is Voice of San Diego’s podcast about arts and culture in the San Diego region. In the first season, host Kinsee Morlan will zero in on Barrio Logan and the tension between the locally driven DIY arts renaissance and the new wave of outside developers setting up shop in the neighborhood.

Dec 20, 2016

Anna Stump and Daphne Hill are leaving their Barrio Logan art studio. Their rent went up, and while that wasn't the only thing driving their decision, it hastened it.

Artists are often part of the first wave of a neighborhood's gentrification. Attracted to the big, open warehouses and affordable rents found in...

Aug 31, 2016

East Village isn't the thriving arts district it once was.

When Petco Park was built 12 years ago, lots of the artists and galleries taking advantage of cheap rent and large warehouses there were priced out.

East Village has been gentrifying since the ballpark went up. High-priced condos and nice restaurants are popping...

Jun 24, 2016

Most days, at least a couple of tour groups can be spotted making their way through Chicano Park, the park tucked under the San Diego-Coronado Bridge in Barrio Logan.

Folks stop to snap selfies in front of the colorful, Mexican-themed murals as they learn about the park's history and significance.

Each mural has a...

May 17, 2016

The first episode of Culturecast, our new podcast that for its first season examines the tensions created by gentrification and the artistic renaissance in Barrio Logan, ended on a cliffhanger.

This week, we pick up where we left off and dig into the challenges local developer Greg Strangman faced after rehabbing a few...

Apr 26, 2016

Milo Lorenzana and Teresa Montero are just two of the dozens of people who've been driving an arts renaissance in Barrio Logan. Their most recent project is the redevelopment of an old building on Logan Avenue where they've opened a coffee shop and leased out the rest of the space in the building to a record store, an...